The Time of Our Lives – or is it?

September 11, 2013 | Uncategorized

The Time of Our LivesToday I was thinking about ‘The Time of Our Lives‘, which, incidentally, has to have one of the most un-memorable names in the history of who can be bothered remembering. It’s an Australian series currently showing on ABC every Sunday night (and religiously watched by my tv-less self on ABC iView 24 hours later). I was thinking about how I used to like it a lot more than I do now.

I’m always excited to see any new Aussie drama, or comedy, or anything for that matter, as I look forward to at least being able to relate to our unique brand of humour. It’s the closest I ever get to patriotism. But it’s not always the humour I look for either. I love the dryness of a good Aussie drama. The way it leads you into the desert and leaves you there to find your own way back. I love the way it doesn’t feel the need to dress every tv moment in swathes of emotive music, and I love the awkwardness of our accent. I love Australian TV and movies.

‘The Time of Our Lives’ looked as if it was going to fulfil all of my televisional urges for a while there. The characters were believable, the issues were complex, and the points of view were varied. I was getting into heated discussions with friends about the moral issues it presented; I was getting involved in the characters’ lives. And then something changed.

We’re now 11 episodes in, and with only two more episodes left of the series I get the feeling that this particular show is limping to the finish line. The things that once compelled me to watch – the unanswered questions, the fine line between right and wrong and the complete and utter fairness that was allowed each of the characters – have gone. I now feel that I am being led to each conclusion, and driven to sympathise with particular characters. The issues have lost their sense of reality, and the show has slowly edged into soapie territory.

It’s true, I’m still addicted to ‘The Time of Our Lives’, and we’ve had a whirlwind of a romance so far, but I’m worried that it’s ending up a little like Matt’s (William McKinnes) relationships: a bit lack-lustre with a bitter after-taste.

Watch the full series of ‘The Time of Our Lives’ on ABC iView