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Are you looking to connect with your audience and appeal to google?

Gidget Media’s SEO copywriting helps you:

  • rank better with Google
  • reach the right customers (we choose our keywords wisely)
  • talk to your audience like a real person (yep, we can even inject some personality)
  • reach your business goals
  • make your website awesome.

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seo copywriting melbourne

How SEO copywriting works

SEO copywriting comes under the umbrella of on-page SEO. To come up with the absolute best long-tail keywords for your business I use a mix of:

  • keyword research
  • competitor analysis
  • marketing strategy.

Long-tail keywords are specifically designed to bring the right customers to your website for better conversions.

Then comes the copywriting. I use my 7 years of web content experience (and a tonne of knowledge about user experience, information architecture and digital marketing) to weave your long-tail keywords through spiffy web copy and metadata. This means great results for your page.

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Then you just witnessed first-hand the power of good SEO copywriting.

You see, I’ve worked keywords seamlessly through the front and back-end of this page to bring you right here. Pretty good, huh?

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SEO Copywriter Melbourne

What does an SEO copywriter do?

SEO Copywriting uses keyword and metadata strategy to optimise your web content for search engines. A good SEO copywriter understands how search engines work and what strategies will work best for your website.

Looking after your audience and ranking well in google don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Good SEO copywriters combine great marketing copy with SEO strategy to create a perfect kind of alchemy.

With over 7 years of experience writing for the web plus the latest training in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Kate from Gidget Media is a well-rounded SEO Copywriter in Melbourne. Kate combines experience with innovation to create the perfect mix of SEO strategy and readable, engaging content.


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