Copywriting Services Melbourne

Did you know that words possess natural superpowers?

It’s true. They can:

  • Bring personality to the blandest of topics
  • Communicate really complex ideas
  • Sell stuff
  • Inspire and motivate
  • Fly.

If you’ve ever read a book that moved you, or laughed at a clever joke, you’ve experienced these superpowers for yourself. Words are part of the make-up of our lives. We can’t do without them, but it’s a real skill to use them well.

Gidget Media uses them well.

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Kate is really good at what she does. It’s incredibly useful to have a copywriter who knows my business. She gets a job done in 2 hours that might take me 12!

— Roz, Founder of Tsuno

Copywriting Services for Web


Writing for the web is completely different to writing for print. People don’t read, they scan. Help your customers find the information they’re looking for with clear, concise writing and structure. Why hire a web content writer?

Gidget Media knows web content inside and out. Our online content services include:

  • Web content writing that works
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Conversion-focused web content writing
  • User-experience (UX) analysis
  • Accessibility testing and implementation
  • Blogging for business.

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Web Content Writing: Crosscom


Web content writing for Victoria's largest two-way radio provider, Crosscom.

Copywriting Services for Print


Copywriting for print is a craft as old as written language itself. In fact, Aristotle’s teachings on persuasive rhetoric are still relevant today!

Good copywriting is a special kind of alchemy; it combines the perfect words with a bit of structure and a dash of psychology.

At Gidget Media, we offer high quality copywriting services for print around Melbourne and further afield. We’re not about being pushy. We’re about getting excited about what our clients do, and sharing that excitement. Or about sharing a really complex idea, really simply.

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Copywriting: Tsuno


Crowdfunding copy and press release for Melbourne social enterprise, Tsuno.


Copywriting Services Melbourne
Need copywriting services in Melbourne? You’re in the right place!


Why hire a copywriter?


Professional copywriting services offer bang for your buck. At Gidget Media, we live and breathe words, copywriting and marketing. We know how to communicate with your audience, and we know what works for print and web. Professional copywriters are great at:

  • Getting our heads around (and into) your business
  • Giving a voice to your brand
  • Bringing ‘boring’ content to life
  • Applying marketing and conversion principles to your content
  • Strategising
  • Optimising your content for Google (SEO)
  • Writing really well!


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