How to use segments and groups in Mailchimp

July 28, 2014 | Online Strategy, Small Business Tips, Website Tips

Trying to send mail to a range of audiences? Mailchimp can help you with this, but it can definitely be a little tricky to set up. Here’s a step-by-step guide to sending mail to a range of audiences that are all interested in one thing – your business.

What’s the difference between a group and a segment?

From what I can tell, when trying to send mail to different audiences, groups is the way to go for ongoing interaction. The terminology is definitely a tricky one here, but from what I can see, segments are static, whereas groups can be added to in the future. The terminology is tricky, because in the world of marketing, we tend to think of different audiences as ‘segments’. But forget that. In mailchimp-land, the word means something completely different. Ok? Ok. Glad we got that sorted.

Creating a group

Let’s say I want to send an email to all of my existing customers. I’ve already got a ‘Gidget Media’ list in mailchimp with ALL my contacts, but I just want to target this one group of people. I’m going to create a ‘group’ so I can send mail to just these people.

To create a group, I’ll need to:

  1. Go to my list
  2. Click manage subscribers > groups
  3. Click on ‘create group’ over on the right
  4. Select ‘don’t show on my sign-up form’
  5. Name your group (see pic)
  6. Save



Adding people to a group

If you’re adding subscribers, click ‘add subscribers’ and then ‘add a subscriber’. You’ll be able to put them in a group by checking the right box. Easy! You can do this with ‘import subscibers’ too. It’s just one click of a checkbox.
If you want to add people already on your list to the group, you can go to each contact individually and edit the groups they’re subscribed to at the bottom of the page. Again, just a simple check of a box.

Sending emails to a group

Now you’ve got your groups set up, it’s time to send some emails! On the page where it asks who to send the email to:
  1. Click ‘send to a new segment’
  2. Select ‘subscribers match ANY of the following’
  3. Choose ‘group: these people are’ + ‘one of’ + whichever group you want
  4. To send to multiple groups (YES, this is now possible!!) just click ‘add a condition’ and add a new group!


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So there you have it. How to send emails to different audiences using Mailchimp. Got a question? Need some help? Contact Gidget Media, and we can talk you through it, arrange for a tutoring session or even do it all for you.