Your Professional Health Copywriter

Gidget Media (run by me, Kate McMahon) can help with a range of health copywriting needs. With over 8 years of professional writing experience, a passion for health and wellbeing, and a diverse portfolio of work, I’m a results-driven health copywriter ready to help you with:

  • Health web content writing (including SEO copywriting)
  • Health blog-writing
  • Health copywriting for brochures, flyers and promotional materials
  • Print and e-newsletters
  • Feature articles
  • Podcast and video scripting
  • Social media strategies and implementation
  • Content marketing strategies and implementation.

I’m not just passionate about health and wellbeing, I’m active about it. I live on a solid diet of health-related books, magazines and podcasts, and I’m also half-way through a psychology degree (which I’m slowly completing in all of my abundant ‘spare’ time). I’ve work


Health Copywriter

Why hire a health copywriter?

A copywriter acts as a bridge between your business and your clients. Often you might have complex information to communicate to the general public. A professional health copywriter is a master of balance: I help get your message across without skimping on the facts. I can also inject some personality – if it’s right for the project, of course.

Why me? I’ve got over 8 years’ experience in professional writing. I love nothing more than tackling a complex concept and working it into crystal clear copy.

Interested? Find out how I can help you.

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Previous work and recommendations

Kate has worked on a range of health-related projects, including:

Copywriting: Medibank and ahm


Copywriting for Medibank and ahm's 'Going to Hospital' and 'Informed Financial Consent' brochures.