The Budget – what’s the big deal?

May 13, 2014 | Education, Writing

This blog post, whilst not strictly about writing, demonstrates how good, clear writing can help explain even the most complicated topics. Even politics!   There’s been a lot of talk about ‘The Budget’ lately. It’s been taking over front-page headlines […]

Copywriting: when less is more…

May 12, 2014 | Writing

Why is copywriting so expensive? And why does it take so long?

May 5, 2014 | Writing

The following segment was written by John Counsel from The Profit Clinic.     Want to read the whole article? Download it here (PDF, 256MB).

What’s the difference between a cat and a comma?

March 5, 2014 | Writing

Some light entertainment for your Wednesday morning…  

Think another exclamation mark won’t hurt? Think again.

January 2, 2014 | Writing

Do you use a lot of exclamation marks in your writing? It’s a pet peeve of mine, and I stand by a saying I learnt in my first year of studying literature – multiple exclamation marks denote hysteria! (!!!) Some […]

How to write a tagline for your business in 3 steps

November 28, 2013 | Writing

What is a tagline? A tagline is a string of words placed after your business name that delivers a core message about your business. It clarifies your services or product, and positions your organisation in approximately 1-10 words (although in […]

Affect vs Effect

November 28, 2013 | Writing

This is so good it deserves a blog post all to itself. I’ve long struggled with a good way to describe the difference between affect and effect, and now all I have to do is show this!

Why hire a web content writer (and how to make a cake in a mug)

September 12, 2013 | Web content, Writing

If you’re building a website, there are a few ingredients. Think of it like cooking. You need: 1 cup of information architecture 2 cups of graphic design 2  1/2 cups of web development 1 tbsp of hosting 1 tbsp of domain […]