Boosting authority: are you a leader in your field?

January 13, 2015 | Online Strategy, Writing

I was recently scrolling down my twitter feed and noticed a couple of things.

Firstly, the people who were sharing spammy boring stuff quickly lost my attention and interest. Selling is boring.

Then I noticed that one of the people I’ve recently started following on twitter (@croakeyblog) has been retweeting a bunch of really interesting articles about things I’m interested in (mostly public health issues). She doesn’t pose these posts as her own work. They’re just simple retweets. The effect, however, is that my opinion of her has slowly changed – in a good way. Subconsciously, a whole lot of new opinions and assumptions have flooded my mind.

She must be very well read. She’s so on the pulse. She must really know what she’s talking about. She’s so engaged with what’s going on. If I keep following her then I’LL be engaged with what’s going on. And so on.

This is just one example of authority, and a great example of how to get it. Through the consistent, well-curated sharing of content, this woman has worked her way up my mental hierarchy, positioning herself as someone to believe, someone to look up to, and someone to trust. Can you even begin to imagine how powerful this is?


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.51.28 pm


I recently wrote about blogging as a way to boost your authority, and it’s true that those that blog regularly have a higher status in my mental hierarchy than those who simply share content. But I feel like the kind of subtle, constant reinforcement that is at work here is another key piece of the puzzle in conveying oneself as a leader in a chosen field.

As a content marketer, blogger and all-round writer, I’m going to make more space in my schedule for reading, analysing and sharing the posts in the fields that I wish to be a leader in. And not just to be an authority for authority’s sake. The end goal, as it should be for everyone, is to be a genuine expert. Happy reading!



Looking for an expert? I like to think I’m pretty well-versed in the following areas (and I’ve been told I’m not bad by others too):



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