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Bringing out the best in your message is all about context.

Who is your audience? What are they looking for? Are they online, in transit or ready to dig in?

I bring over 8 years of marketing experience to my writing, so you can be sure I’ll be thinking about all these things – and more.

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  • If only all contractors were like you – hardworking, efficient, pleasant and a great writer to boot!

    — Melinda, La Trobe University (Digital Marketing)
  • Our organisation has grown and prospered under Kate’s guidance and professionalism to the point that we couldn’t do business without her!

    — David Perrin, CEO, Aboriginal Literacy Foundation
  • Kate is really good at what she does. I’ve realised how incredibly useful it is to have a copywriter who knows about my business. She gets a job done in 2 hours that might take me 12 if I did it myself!

    — Roz Campbell, Tsuno
  • I’m actually in awe of what you can do and wondering why it took me so long to find someone like you. I’ve sat on it for a few days now and there’s not even a single word I’d like to change!

    — Phillipa, Simply Kinesiology
  • Huge thank you to Kate McMahon from Gidget Media who helped us out with our media release! Your words rock!

    — That Gold Street Sound


Style guide development for SANE Australia


Development of a writing style manual for all of SANE's communications, including web content, resources, marketing and internal communications.

Copywriting: Medibank communications


Copywriting for a Medibank communications project.

Online health portal content


Development of web content for an online support portal for people living with inflammatory arthritis.

Video Script-writing: Yarra Trams


Script-writing for a short informational cartoon for Yarra Trams.